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At Pattara Business Ventures we are committed to best corporate governance practice. We have the highest ethical standards and act with transparency, integrity and professionalism. Our aim is to act as a benchmark for our corporate governance.

Our corporate governance structure:
  • Ensures all results are reported reliably, accurately and transparently
  • Complies fully with local and international laws, rules and regulations
  • Adheres to the policies and procedures for all Pattara Business Ventures processes
Pattara Business Ventures Committee : The Senior Executive Board operates under the direction of Jose Pattara. It is responsible for Pattara Business Ventures overall business strategy, overseeing our operations and supervising the management of our subsidiaries. It applies appropriate controls and ensures that our subsidiaries' objectives are aligned with Pattara Business Ventures strategies.

Pattara Business Ventures Audit Committee : The Audit Committee assists our subsidiaries' boards with their internal control, financial reporting and compliance responsibilities. It devises and approves annual risk-based audit plans, audits Pattara Business Ventures financial and operations procedures and controls, and reviews our compliance with IFRS. The committee advises the Executive Committee on risk, internal audit controls and corporate governance and reports directly to the Chairman to ensure independence and maximise transparency.

Pattara Business Ventures Investment Committee : This committee approves all investments and ensures a balance between risks and returns. It assesses our internal controls, ensuring objectivity, independence and cost-effectiveness, and recommending appropriate improvements. The committee comprises the Executive Committee members plus the Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer.

Individual Boards of Directors : Each has its own board of directors, including non-executive members. The independent directors will increase the diversity of views and backgrounds for more rounded decision-making, and ensure that all decision making is independent from company operations.

Each company also has a number of management committees, covering Management and Strategy, Investment (where applicable), Audit & Risk Management and Human Capital.

Group Internal Audit & Risk Management: Group Internal Audit works with dynamic risk-based audits from risk assessments of each company. Each subsidiary has an internal audit department, complementing the efforts of Group Internal Audit and giving total transparency and effective checks and balances.

Group Risk Management further strengthens the governance culture surrounding risk and risk awareness, both at the group level and within our individual subsidiaries.

Code of Conduct : Our directors and employees adhere to our Code of Conduct, which covers general business principles, compliance, privacy and confidentiality. The Code is distributed to all employees of Pattara Business Ventures companies. We have a 24/7 service called Trustline to identify and investigate possible contraventions.
Investment Options
We typically invest early in the life of the company. In many cases, we are the first angel round of capital. We like to participate in follow-on investments at later stages for companies that successfully execute the business plans
For Enquiry Investment Department
We are succesful entrepreneurs with extensive investing experience in entrepreneurs in India and globally. PATTARA INVESTMENTS truly understands the unique challenges faced by entrepreneurs and are aware that it takes more than capital for a company to succeed. Each entrepreneur PATTARA partners with has access to the entire team in India for the help in recruiting talent, forging new alliances, opening doors to new customers, shaping the strategy and connecting with best of breed advisors or board members.

We have offices in India, MiddleEast & USA. . We mainly invest in companies that are wholly or substantially located in India. However, on a selective basis, we may invest in companies located outside India that are seeking a value added Indian investor to complement their local investor base.

We limit our investments to 6-8 new investments a year. While the amount of involvement in a company depends on the stage of the company and the need of the entrepreneur, we typically get involved in recruiting talent, market intelligence, business development, strategy and future financings.
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